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Silence, though a dense and wet snow,
did not affect the gas mileage
of our car. Vain hopes of a red E –
the exit from this thick inertia
vanished behind us – though still appeared close.

That would be a palpable metaphor
for our emptiness. A foreshadowing
of future events. Yet, the girth
of the tank loomed like our heavyset November
Stuffed and gurgling dynamo
filling the silence as we remember.

Reality clung like cobwebs to the face
of a fat cat. Its stuffy tang on our sandpaper tongues.
Its sticky body meant to capture passing pests
had become a meal. You redressed me as a lawyer
with those sticky words. You stopped at alleged, the
next word too lodged inside you to come out.

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Headline, status, embossed letters
on pulp and skin
when its not digital
its complicated.

Hair, heists, the hot breath
of espresso and adrenaline
things you pull to feel good
its complicated.

Lines of soldiers
stand at attention
invasions on the news
but when its love
it isn’t enough to print

its just complicated.

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Cait, Wait.

Please, before you go away
Stay, until you can no more.
Ignore whatever I say
Allay your fears and just stay.

I hate your fears
They’re too real sustain
Obtain from me what you must
Then just smile, and remain.

You fit me in your hand
An ocean in your eyes,
the size of a Milky Way –
never mind all my lies.

Tomorrow what will you have left?
Theft of a man too sane to be right.
Bright stars shed no light next to you
Do what you must do tomorrow night
But stay tonight.

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Talk over dinner
over and over
like the river
or an ocean sound.

Missed out,
Nobody is around
under, under
the skin

We begin
to speak in spaces
sounding places
silent faces
beside and besides

is a collection
stolen. We find ways
to steal each other’s time
in the speaking space
within me, within

only to be empty.
Something is lost
between us. Between us
Age clings like frost.
On and on
goes infinity.

the agent of change
puts me above you
and now the spaces
without you
can’t speak.
They can’t speak
without you.

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