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Honor, it seems, has been transcribed below
written into the shadows under the stone.
He dared to go where we did not follow –
Content to stand watch as he went alone.

What good will come from this last addition
when in adding we find less.
Our Valkyrie, heir to wars tradition
has no strength left to confess.

Nature remains as silent as the flow’rs
who strongly number the fertile bed
Call to arms our sons and daughters –
Perhaps they can fight for us instead.

How can we be content to mourn this ghost
At the hour when we need his strength the most?

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He Never Spoke…

His voice, captured in ink
Knows not time on the letter
Too old to fold.
His thoughts could do no better
than to leave his mouth and sink
through the paper he gave his life to.

I had just told you, I had just said
my father was a silent man
His word sold for gold
A tongue tied Calaban
Emotions trapped in his head
like a cave. I had just told you.

What else could I have thought?
His hands were bigger than my world
too bold to hold
a sinewed story to unfurl
about a lesson too important to be taught.
I never knew what to do.

Now a letter, one of maybe thousands
written for the woman’s ear,
a soul to make whole,
Praises she could never hear
Deafness, decreed by the Lord’s command,
struck her when she was two.

That same beloved woman died giving birth
to a boy, too young to be without a mother,
They stole my soul,
No tears from father. He knew I would be worth
the sacrifice of the other.
She was the reason I was never spoken to.

Now a letter tells me this, after he had died
an old man, joining his beloved wife,
too old to behold
He’d been waiting his entire life
“Amen” was all that I replied.
The first word I said that was true.

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A man with nothing to wear but belief
Crawls, his belly toward hell, over
A street with cobblestone teeth.
Roadside vendors sell their vices
and prayers with stoney answers.
Above them the giant clock tower eye’s
hands are tied with tears
From the ashen faced sky.

Two lovers are the masons of a desire
Killing time, in self defense.
A cold beach and a cricket choir
Call the hourglass sands to dance.
Two opalescent squids trying to make sense
of each other and the dark.

The once proud city built with words by drones
is now nothing but loud concrete and silent windows
peddlers and thier prey, hungry men getting stoned
with happy widows, and the color grey.
Stories are passed like disease and wine
About the day David slew Goliath.

In the library their is a poet with a historian’s delay
with his good, but broken, arm in a sling
and his pen ready like a trebuchet.
He has spent his life waiting, waiting, waiting
for today. He watches the street and
does nothing, nothing, nothing.

He watches the naked man make progress
his open stomach feeding on stone.
The man must be insane, or even hopeless,
drunk, or maybe just alone.
The poet considers weeping for the happy man
Being stripped to his bones,
but such is the sorrow of fairy tales
Not the reality of his home.

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They’ll still play, because their human;
even though life is away
They’ll still play

With Bones as their drumstyx,
Fingernail picks for fat licks,
Because their human.

They’ll still play the blues
Even with nothing left to loose
they’ll still play

On drums made of skin,
Guitar’s with sinews stretched thin,
Because they are human.

They’ll still play for the new man
Even when he’s got nothin’ to say
They’ll still play.

They’ll take turns being the minstrel
Even though they are in hell
Because they are human.

They’ll still play bagpipes made of stomach
The lipless droning doodle sacks
They’ll still play

Each ghost wiping away the tears
From their hollow skulled peers
because their still human.

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It was on this very spot,
this pile of dirt we bought,
that our father once stood

He lived through wars we fought,
and he never forgot
that evil comes from good.

Is he in the wind, or in the mind,
the absolute of history, or the grace of time,
In her hand, or in the trees?
Perhaps he is none of these.

This body once contained
A child whose laugh sustained
the people of the wood.

But now this corpse remains
drowned in cheap champaign
that never tasted as it should.

Is he in the wind, or in the mind,
the absolute of history, or the grace of time,
In her hand, or in the trees?
Or perhaps he is none of these.

While turning old and grey,
he was recalled to say
“Dear, perhaps I’ve misundertood

The meaning of the day
or what price we pay
In persuit of the almighty good.”

Is he in the wind, or in the mind,
the absolute of history, or the grace of time,
In her hand, or in the trees?
Perhaps he is none of these?

But on the night he died,
While on his bed he lied,
He finally understood

That while some run, some will hide
some will fight, and others will abide
but no body shall be considered good

Are we in the wind, or in His mind
the absolute of his story, or the grace of Thine
On the land, or in the seas?
Or perhaps we are all of these.

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“In line with protocol seven, two, four, two, three,
In the light of evidence presented to me,
and the congregation of equals assembled here,
by the power invested by the supreme and austere,
His Eminence the Executive, so endowed by the equal citizens
In reference to the God they once worshiped, I sentence
you with removal, with no chance of appeal,
As stipulated by the case Crick versus O’Neil,
of your corporeal extensions, including but not limited to
Those eyes, which were used in the crime, to view
that heretical work, banned in 2010
By the initiative of the equal men and women
of the courts of Athens, which references a man
Killed for his impiety and his foul plan
To corrupt the children.”

“Did you, or did you not, use this book
As a blueprint. This same text which we took
from your apartment room, while you worked,
as the lovable yet utterly incomprehensible clerk,
of the local movie rental establishment
adjacent to the store, whose underground basement
served as the launching ground of your so-called revolution
to re-instate that odious institution
Whose former universality was stripped
by the Immanuel act, of 2007,  for having gripped
the hearts of too many future elites
with such nonsense as a life more complete
beyond this one, such an act, so signed
removed that foul communion and any of its kind.”

“Also, in order to prevent you from further crime
we remove those lips which pantomime
a silent set of words, passed down in another heretical text
Whose name, so vile and so hateful that in such context
it would be a crime to even mention here,
In the hall of his Eminence, the supreme and austere,
Executive, whom pontificates such notions, which you hold dear,
So we do not have to. Then, having sacrificed the greater portion of a day,
He promulgates the laws discovered to Magistrate Grey,
Who then informs the equals, for their own good,  of what to say
In response to impious questioning. The same questioning
which brings you before this council, and upon this reasoning
we will also remove your legs, which were used to transport
the foul ideas with the help of your loathsome cohort,
as seen in diagram A.” 

 “Next to be removed, by public demand, are your arms
Whose slow and deliberate motions have caused more harm
than a sea of bombs, a rain of bullets, or an army of men.
A clean blade will be used to sever your left, and then again
to remove your right, in accordance with the Humane Treatment Act,
so written after a man prematurely died of a heart attack
During the open stages of that days festivities.
We have planned for such activities,
so that your sentence will not be expedited, and be fair
To all those who will gather there
In expectation for the final blow,
which, as you and I both know,
will not come until the ship returns from Delos.
Which will take a month, even if the strongest fellows
are working the oars.”

“Then finally, after that month, you will be burned
and your ashes, according to the punishment you’ve earned,
will be fired from a cannon into the plain.
With no epilogue or tombstone to remain,
to preach your vile form of heresy
You will be buried with your philosophy
so that your followers will see
what destiny awaits those who follow your path,
and in the light of the people’s wrath,
Whose equality demands such reverence
that any formal act of severance
Such as the continuation of your sect
Would be declared a diseased insect
Whose continued existence cannot be allowed,
and having already vowed,
To sacrifice their lives to fight against such foes
It would become the magnitude’s duty to overthrow
That attempt at tyranny.
Such is the sentence for being found guilty
of the inexcusable crime of treachery.”

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Somewhere, is some forgotten attic
Seven fanatic wise men drink
and talk while they think about
quantum love, and the leaping of
the heart super strings
between energy levels.

70 frantic fingers, bound with seven rings
Fondle rapidly aging pages
as dry as their skin. Silently the sages
calculate the weight of loneliness,
or the speed of sorrow,
and perhaps the exact arc at which
the heart’s super strings can bend
before they undo the fabric of reality.

A single breakthrough would make
the 490 years they spent worth
the 12 oz of gold around their neck. But
The wave of ink whelms
the stoic helmsmen, whose particle pupils
Dance unpredictably between
The different layers of meaning
Around the words “maybe later”.

The rising sun is a windowed reminder
that their getting older, and without sons
There are no heirs to move the boulder
already in motion. One wise man sees
Dust rising in the beam of light.
Perhaps a walk might do him some good
Perhaps he should, before its too late.

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The incarned beauty rests
reclined, her hemlock colored eyes
Preparing for her test.

Despite his recent arrest
the horror of the loved and wise
The incarned beauty rests.

Alcestis’ blood pumping in her chest
Her hands, resting on his thighs,
Are preparing for her test.

Unaware of the gathering guests
and the unfurling of the elydoric skies
The incarned beauty rests.

Aesclepius’ cock greets the morning in protest,
She wonders if his closest allies
Are prepared for her test.

This union required her to invest
More than this world so small in size.
Yet, the incarned beauty rests
Preparing for her test.

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Naphta’s final stand

Bang! Salvific lead

Cuts the barrier of grey matter

Between Enlightenment and Renaissance.

Exit wound on the other side of time

Amidst the symphonic chatter

Of angelic choirs conducted by the highly nuanced

Finger of Adam. The barrel belches serpentine

Smoke toward heaven, the body to the ground.

A pistol dual for the destiny of man,

A savior can’t be found.

The argument is silence, the man is in shock

Mind succumbing to violence, a victory for the heart.

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