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A Poem Hoping to Be Lyrics

Beat me.
Tight skin stretched
over aged wood
etched with clumsy
bamboo leaves.
Tanned and then
spanked by an aborigine.
Make my hollowness
a sound,
my emptiness,
Make me an instance
in time
that separates
with empty space
the otherwise profound
Beat me with your calloused
hands. To forge
and to forgery.
Create the soft lie
of leaving your mouth
with all the tenor
and authorial freedom
that was first beat
into man by God.
And then after the climax
let me fall.
Gently away

into nothingness.

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They’ll still play, because their human;
even though life is away
They’ll still play

With Bones as their drumstyx,
Fingernail picks for fat licks,
Because their human.

They’ll still play the blues
Even with nothing left to loose
they’ll still play

On drums made of skin,
Guitar’s with sinews stretched thin,
Because they are human.

They’ll still play for the new man
Even when he’s got nothin’ to say
They’ll still play.

They’ll take turns being the minstrel
Even though they are in hell
Because they are human.

They’ll still play bagpipes made of stomach
The lipless droning doodle sacks
They’ll still play

Each ghost wiping away the tears
From their hollow skulled peers
because their still human.

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Master Maestro

Master Maestro says its over
So applaud if you can
If  your brain can still talk to your hand
Because Maestro knows your dumbfounded
…. that was his plan.

Master Maestro says its over
Thanks for attending the show
But before you decide to go,
You’ve witnessed a miracle
…. Just so you know.

Master Maestro says its over
Before its truly begun
So mind your neighbors tongue
on your way to the door
…. Maestro’s been having some fun.

Master Maestro says its over
But he hopes to see you again
You’ll be too old by then
To change his mind
… He’ll be as sorry as he’s ever been.

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