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Cold winter with a warm beverage
long drives in ice weather
long sighs, long days,
long sips through cool whip
the edges of which
stick to your fingers
obscuring the nail.
A quick lick
off with addictions
on with predictions
some stuck on the tips
of your hair.
You play the piano
as you point
around the room
and in the depth of
your stare
are 3 bouncing
balls of light
that burn as they heal.
Night time makes windows
into mirrors, and in them
I see you, through you,
and in you
I see me.

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Trees in Winter

The once proud lowly hang
tears frozen in their beard
the weight – they dip – they creak
loudly echoing off the backs of brothers.
Centuries counted in rings
are now exposed to frost bitten air.

Fathers bend to read their own fate
in the bowels of their kin.
Nightmare nights are filled with different howls –
the wolves have gone to bed.
It is only the owl and the man who are awake.
One to ask “who” and the other
to carry off a fallen tree –
their house will be warm tonight.

In the morning the survivors
will be called such words as “beautiful”
by children as they pass.
Such are small honors
but honors none the less
and with the sound of starting cars –
more dipping,
more creaking.

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