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Modernity means silent clocks
more often than not, cell phones.
More is in store.
Time is of the essence. I am alone
Without ticks or tocks
Just a cell phone or two.

Green light means green eyes.
I hold the phone close to my face.
Still before four.
One eye stays shut just in case
A useless exercise.
It closes, my eyes are blue.

Oh but her body, oh but her skin
was so soft and serene at night.
explore her core
and find that you were right
to say her beauty was within
a soul far bigger than five foot two.

But she couldn’t stand sleeping alone.
Without a body, without my heat
too poor to adore
An immeasurable heart beat
was not enough to keep her home.
She did things I thought she would never do.

My sister complains about her lazy man.
Lucky bastard I say.
Snores and snores
from dusk until day.
He sleeps through her demands.
She should think herself lucky too.

I have realized too late what a woman needs
too late at night, too late in life.
without sleep or wife.
The only two things that I need:
“Good night” and “I love you”.

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