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He helped me soft and gentle
like a narrator.
His voice-over causing me to probe myself
hovering above the void of clenched eyes
gathering dew at the corners.
What were you running from?
From? Toward. Toward?
Why were you running?
To think. To escape? To explore.

His clinical approach betrays
the clerical origins of our knowing.
My husk rustles at the chill wind
What do you do now?
I’m an administrator.
Not for work. For life.
I’m an administrator.
He almost feels annoyed. I sense it.
What do you do for fun?

I pass time by making things into words
and then using those words to build
structures both pleasing and jarring.
Who do you build them for?
For? Who do you build them with?
With? Why do you build them?
To hang skin on a skeleton.
To put leaves in the tree.
That doesn’t sound like an administrator to me.
For a moment I am allowed to abduct myself.
No I suppose it doesn’t.

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