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The Tree

She is twisted
like a cyclone
upon herself
and sanded
for smoothness
by wind and dust.
Her hands extended
and turned
toward heaven
have grown a
way of speaking.
Her plump fruit
ripens and drops
by the feet
she planted
so long ago in this valley
between knowledge and life.
The valley hills still
mock her old majestic
rolling folds of skin
so soft you could
rest on her.
I stay in her shade
the only dark edges
in the valley
where she overhangs
the road. Her
trunk is narrow
and carved
with arrows pointing
aimlessly skyward.

She was close,
closer than the corpses
I’ve passed already,
and while they cling
to the earth of skin
becoming rot, she clings
to life. A single extended
branch either points me away
or hangs to protect me
from the harsh brilliance
of light – so soothing
she might be inviting me to stay.
I eat her fruit
to gain my strength
then leave her
where she will stand

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