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For a moment
I sat in the quiet of the day
and turning over a newspaper
stared into the wanted section.
At first I did not read
but as my mind slowly bent
to the entropy of habit
I had to make myself not read.

I forced my eyes to cross
and blur before an errant
nodule of information
could catch my interest. Finally zooming
my lenses in and boxing out
the peripheries I meditated
on the distance between ‘s’ and ‘t’.

Sonnets tangled in the granularity
of recycled paper throbbed under the pressure
of unchained wonderment. Space to space to space to…
Infinity. Infinite spaces abutted each other
just under the pristine layer. And living in those infinite spaces
was every thought every person has ever had.
I threw the paper away when it no longer enchanted.
Not for you or me, but for all of us.

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