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New Times, New Places

In the dusk
the indivisible remainders
of our word math
tumble crumpled
in a gray ball –
Letters to the editor,
and police logs
comeback upon
like an Escher sketch.
Ups and downs are
fluid marching ants
in a one-sided one-edged
universe. The outsider
is forced in the hot quiet
to look on as
a magnifying glass.
The same wind
that shakes the tumbleweed
moves the sails.
Here the peace is paper
and belief is an anchor.
Perching on the stone
is a stone and of the stone
we are one.

I grab at the refuse as it flies
and deposit it in the recycling.

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Stop lights on downtown main street,
over-turned farm equipment,
a gun, a tear in her eyes;
who hasn’t written about these?
The epitomes of everyday life
have bereft us of the mystery
of the meaning in naturally occurring
objects. Even when upsidedown.

So solid that I hold onto them
when the earth quakes.

What about the butterfly coaster
to protect her desk from spills,
the overturned sea shell to hold change
and remind her of the beach at work,
what of the hand sanitizer she applies
after shaking hands with folks? These symbols
are unused, and too particular to be meaningful.

So elusive is their power that I can do naught
but mention them in passing.

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