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He helped me soft and gentle
like a narrator.
His voice-over causing me to probe myself
hovering above the void of clenched eyes
gathering dew at the corners.
What were you running from?
From? Toward. Toward?
Why were you running?
To think. To escape? To explore.

His clinical approach betrays
the clerical origins of our knowing.
My husk rustles at the chill wind
What do you do now?
I’m an administrator.
Not for work. For life.
I’m an administrator.
He almost feels annoyed. I sense it.
What do you do for fun?

I pass time by making things into words
and then using those words to build
structures both pleasing and jarring.
Who do you build them for?
For? Who do you build them with?
With? Why do you build them?
To hang skin on a skeleton.
To put leaves in the tree.
That doesn’t sound like an administrator to me.
For a moment I am allowed to abduct myself.
No I suppose it doesn’t.

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You called –
another too little
too late
at reconciliation.
On the paper
it will always
be reconstruction
like history –
rather than collecting.
You placed the pen to my face
and took with it
my authentic emptiness –
it is called education.
I still don’t feel good about it.
These are the things that concern me
the moment you call – I am concerned with me.

Nonetheless, I answer.

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Her Eyes
There is a green pasture in Italy
littered with Vestal columns
-broken and profane
they point back to a community
that no longer remains.

That greenness surrounds obsidian
with its verdant Sylvan bloom
with more authority than kings or even Gods.
The center of this garden recalls a deeper doom:
A rock from which flight is impossible
The child of Tarpeia’s womb.

And when she blinks poetry is silenced.

Her Skin
There is Dresden porcelain in her skin
forged from Augustus’ private stock
of the cleanest white and softest soft.
Her heart beats shyly within –
I trace the master sculpture with an eye
if not a hand. A brief passing by
to sooth the conquering demand.

When we touch, she averts her eyes.

Her Lips
She never blows bubbles but
She chews cinnamon gum
So her words come fromVolcanal.
It is a brief reminder that she is ancient
and naked somewhere under there.
Sometimes she sings to the delight of the world
and her heart pours from her mouth
with the molten golden words.

She doesn’t smoke because it gives you wrinkles.

Her Hands
Her hands have the curious habit
of touching everything –
They are constant vigilant explorers
searching for any light
to break the thick dense fog
of unimaginative reality
that clouds her sight.
They are so cold even in summer
that I can only imagine they search
for some towering lighthouse
to steal some warmth.
Ten tiny promethean digits
that can tickle ivory or children.

She plays with her gold ring when she’s nervous.

And could you imagine that
Heraclitean furnace at her core.
The way she worries that it
burns out of control.
She is anxious often but never sad
like energy itself
and to look at her you would never
understand how she couldn’t adore
the way she laughs uncontrollably,
sighs absent-mindedly or
snores only when she sleeps alone
and presses her pillow so tightly to her face.

She prefers the company of humans.

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