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A rose flattened into math
under the weight of a book on Ingres.
All the pretension of depth and curve
shown to be illusion
by a French master’s authentic love of deception.
Her petals, hips, and stem
all numbers determined by logic
no matter how wild, majestic, and unpredictable
their beauty.

Her history from seed, to plant, to flower,
to a cut beyond death and into a vase
can be viewed as destiny or chaos.
The words you water her with determine
how you will see her. Why this one, of the dozen
bundled at the foot of a coffin.
Babies breathing in soft white bubbles
singing, if not commanding you into the rocks.

The meaning of the world,
is the separation of wish and fact.
A flat rose. A dark smudge
on a yellow book. A mouthful of dirt.


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Parallel Lines

Never meeting
stretched like tight rope
walking. They meet the
same lines that bisect
at the same points.
But never touch,
that’s the rule;
look but never touch.

The taint of Italian red wine
over white teeth,
and red lips
that struggle at the notion
of apes and how
evolution is of parts
not the sum of them.
And after
the sun has gone down
on our rained out picnic
she skins grapes.

The buildings in
downtown Worcester
are taller than tall
and sharp
to cut the sky.
We think we are so big
because we leave a mark
like red on white
but we still fit past
small doors. She waits
to pluck from a plastic
container a single grape
to skin, to savor.

And somewhere
on the grid of
busy streets,
of hills and city
landscape, Euclid
blushes when parallel
lines bend themselves
around the contours
of a complex universe
to intertwine
on a vine
of skinned grapes.

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