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There are words caught on my tongue
and my arms are getting weak.
My stomach is coming undone
and my brain has sprung a leak.
Fingers pluck a bass like jazz
improving notes like rain
on her ivory skin, and at last,
I can’t complain. I can’t complain.
Eight days a week, it’s all the same
until, with luck, you lose
yourself, your pride. You lose the game
of give to receive, sacrifice to chose,
leave to draw love, love to please.
In her skin she hides, waiting for me
to reveal myself. Surprise! I never was
before your eyes saw me. See?
There was no finding me, it was finding us.
Its time to heal, with every string
I pluck, and you sing Catullus,
With some luck and a thousand kisses
we’ll steal from fate this crazy thing
we thought we’d get alone.
We are going to find our way home.

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