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Everyone wants to fly.
Not as many by way of cannon fire.
As a child I had the pleasure
of seeing an unemployed batman
take to the sky. Not as grim crime fighter
but half-clown satyr. Knowing
only too late the man who dawned
the cape was desperate to feed his family
after falling from grace like a half-known satire
about Icaris. How the spotlight tanned the skin
pulling at the edge of a proud smile – his mask slightly askew.
A pause. Perfect posture. Then a bow. More
a hero in that moment then the imagination
of countless children. Myself included.
Whoosh. Wham. That was our batman.



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Save the Day

Still young
I had no inclination
to make a realistic space
for play.
An ambulance carved
whiff-skew patterns
in mother’s carpet.
Alarming bombast
in my elastic mouth
eeeooo eeeooo.

It was a softer sound
my mother would make
when applying band-aids
to skinned knees.
A tap on the head signaled
that maintenance was complete
and without fear
I went to play with the boys.
eeeooo eeeooo.

It was older when I discovered that
the siren signaled hope, not trouble.
The marks of a car going whiff-skew
against wet pavement run to the base of a tree.
A single leaf alternates red and blue
as the ambulance pulls away.
Alarming bombast stuck in my throat.

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