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Deer Reactions

Tires as flat as the world
grip misanthropic back roads.
Conjured fog and fawns
get their curves caught
in the on-coming.

For every deer that stares
into the abyss
there is another that flees
into the Dantean forests
to live, with or without our guidance.

A deer has confused this path
for a river as black as the Styx.
Its ghostly eyes lost in confusion
as to the salty taste of these
brackish waters. In the headlights
of a car it sees the boatman.

The layers of fog are torn
under the apocalyptic
approach of a Volvo
already late for dreams
of his smooth curved
Swedish engineered sweetheart.

The road pushes the countless
fingers of a tire left without
a lover. It wants the warm
skin of her again, to grip like
the windy sunny roads that
carve the soft hilly landscape
of home.

The sun glazed majestic fjords
as white as alabaster
carve the rugged rocks
of his coast just by being close to him.
Those fjords too far from this road.

He drives his intimate
scenic back road that connects him
to Le Vene as tightly as running
water over every marble inch
of her skin. He melts in memories
that pull his eyelids tight
in attempt to keep each ghost
that remains.

He narrowly missed a deer
licking the pavement.
Both were reminded of how related
love and fear are to the heart
which pounds in their chests.
And perhaps about the blind
luck of lovers and deers
on their way home.

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