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Master of Shadows

You draw closer
with each stroke
a lead sky,
a dark fold
of oily shades
and charcoal
figures, the residue
of myth and legend
clinging to your
10 soft brushes
and soon
a smudge on your

It’s like building
a house around
emptiness. The white
marks within
each shadowed edge
is a human face,
a child’s bald head,
or a ship adrift
in sea of black.

Your tiny figure
casts its own
shadow on an empty
sketch pad. You hold your
pencil like David
holding the strands
of Caravaggio’s hair.
The weight of
his own darkness
opening his jaw.

And I, a poor player,
left to watch
your finished
works. Each one
as complete,
and authentic,
as my own hand,
my own eye,
my own shadow.

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